• Free iPods to the Rescued Chilean Miners... But From Who?

    Assuming, of course, that you haven't been stuck in a hole yourself, there's a good chance you've heard about the thirty-three rescued Chilean miners who were recently plucked from the bowels of the earth following a harrowing two month arrest beneath tons of rock and equally insurmountable odds against their survival.

    Well, amidst the deluge of public support from every corner of the globe, Apple CEO Steve Jobs is also showing his love to the freed miners through a free donation of iPods to each of the men who had been perilously trapped beneath the earth. In addition to other generous gifts and donations that have come from a wealth of both prominent and unknown contributors, each miner - who reportedly earns only $1,600 per month - is now being courted about everything from book deals to feature film offers.

    But the free iPods seem to be generating the most attention, although there have been mixed reports as to whether the devices came directly from Jobs or the marketing people at Apple. Either way, the Cupertino tech-giant has netted some favorable headlines as a result of the donation, which - all things considered - is actually one of the smallest offers to the minors from a company the size of Apple. Still, it's understood that the rescued men greatly appreciate the gesture.

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