• Apple Supposedly Relaxes LCI-Related iPod Repair Policy

    Apple is believed to be relaxing its stringent iPod repair policy with regard to devices that reveal a triggered liquid sensor. As many iDevice owners have unfortunately experienced, the liquid contact indicator (LCI) can herald an end to the warranty on your freshly damaged device. And for as long as Apple has been utilizing liquid contact indicators, Apple customers have been thwarted in their hopes of getting their water damaged iPods repaired by the Cupertino tech-giant.

    On Monday, however, MacGeneration published a recently discovered repair document indicating that iPods with an activated LSI may still, in fact, be eligible for repair under Apple's warranty but only if the device shows no other visible outward signs of physical water damage. Time magazine's TechLand reports that the tweaked Apple repair policy may be the result of the recent Korean case where a father sued Apple on behalf of his 13-year-old daughter who was turned away from Apple and denied warranty protection when her iPhone 3G was suspected of water damage.

    Regardless of the reason that prompted the relaxed rules, we all know that liquid contact indicators are remarkably sensitive and can, in some cases, be triggered by nothing more than the sweat from a user's hands after a workout. Consequently, Apple users in need of repair may find some comfort in the new policy, which seemingly makes the issue of true water damage a subjective call on the part of Apple personnel.

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