• Camera Returning to 7th-Gen iPod nano?

    When Apple revamped the iPod nano line last September, the new model brought with it a more iOS-like interface. Although the sixth generation iPod nano is an impressive feat of engineering, its smaller form factor required quite a few compromises. The lack of a camera is one of the more notable features missing from the latest iPod nano model. That may be about to change, however, if the latest image coming out of Asia is any indication.

    Apple.pro, a Taiwanese Apple news blog, has posted an image that appears to be a component for Apple’s upcoming seventh-generation iPod nano. The new case appears to include a camera hole in it. If Apple does decide to bring the camera feature back to the iPod nano line, then it would certainly be a welcome addition. When Apple first introduced to the six-generation iPod nano back in September, it was widely criticized dropping the camera feature, as the previous model had included one. Apple also decided that 3 cm x 3 cm touchscreen was too small for viewing video content as well. The previous three generations of iPod nano were all capable of displaying video content.

    Apple.pro does have a good track record when it comes to leaking authentic images of Apple components. They have correctly leaked images of the previous six generations of iPod nano, including the current model. Before the release of the iPhone 4, the site also leaked genuine images of white and black front panels.

    Adding some credibility to the leaked image, is the fact that it bears a very close resemblance to a similar component in the current generation iPod nano. As most Apple products currently include a camera of some sort, bringing the feature back to the iPod nano line makes perfect sense. They will, of course, have to make adjustments to the clip design, but this should pose little problem for Apple. It is also not yet clear whether the new camera will take still shots, video or both. Hopefully this year's model will also be able to display video. After seeing Tron Legacy on IMAX, I would just love to watch it again on an iPod nano.

    Source: AppleInsider
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    1. iElectricLewis's Avatar
      iElectricLewis -
      If apple were to add a camera to the current generation of nano it would be pointless. No one will want it anymore than they'd want an itouch.... Apple needs to learn that it's a "nano" because it's small and portable, and for music, and videos, not cameras, wifi, or games...
    1. SAND33P's Avatar
      SAND33P -
      Quote Originally Posted by iPod View Post
      Give it a larger screen, games/apps, and video playback and I might be interested
      I know just the thing, iPod touch?
    1. Florian Sidney's Avatar
      Florian Sidney -
      Now this could be much a surprise. I would like camera on iPod classic too.
    1. ipadjunkie12's Avatar
      ipadjunkie12 -
      It look so cool! pretty much interesting
    1. PaperTurret's Avatar
      PaperTurret -
      Quote Originally Posted by Jahooba View Post
      How would one even hold a camera that's so small? I guess they wouldn't. This could spawn a whole line of voyeuristic hidden objects with cameras in them.
      Really good point
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