• Verizon Hotspot Pricing Revealed: $20 for 2 GB

    Two weeks after they announced the iPhone, the details of Verizon's service offerings for the device are finally becoming clear. After the company's COO spilled the beans earlier today about the unlimited data plan for the device itself, Brenda Raney, the carrier's Executive Director of Corporate Communications told MacWorld that Verizon's Personal Hotspot feature will cost customers an additional $20 on top of the $30 they'll pay for their monthly data plans and come with a 2 GB cap.

    The Verizon-specific tethering feature turns the iPhone into a 3G wireless hotspot for up to five devices. Data used by Personal Hotspot-tethered devices will be on a 2 GB monthly plan separate from the iPhone's unlimited plan. Customers will have to pay $20 for each gigabyte they consume beyond the cap. While the overage fee is twice what AT&T customers have to pay, Verizon customers do get to keep the unlimited plan on their phones separate, while AT&T users have to share the same 2 GB on the DataPro plan.

    Though iOS 4.3 will reportedly make Personal Hotspot a feature for all iPhones, it's not yet known if AT&T or any other carrier will support it. AT&T tethering currently only supports USB or Bluetooth connections, not WiFi.

    Source: MacWorld
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