• iPod Nano at WOOT! (Nostalgia Post)

    In my brief time here on the planet I've noticed a few things about iPod nano users. They tend to be young chic females sporting leggings and oversized sweatshirts while sloshing around campus in Ugg boots. Or they're like my roommate: A twenty something workout fanatic from Wisconsin who needs a pair of "buds" in his ears during any moment of physical exertion. Woot!.com currently has a deal that would make him spit out his cheese curds.

    Woot! has the current gen 8gb iPod Nano (I always feel like i'm going to mistake it for a piece of candy) and an accessory kit for $129.99 plus $5 shipping. That's $20 off of the retail price plus the included accessory kit comes with an armband, FM transmitter, car charger, wall charger, four screen protectors, a case, aux cable and a utility belt (not really).

    While the iPod nano fits it's niche extremely well I've never been tempted to own one. Any ModMyi users have a nano? I mean this is an iOS website so I'm pretty sure no one owns a Zune... or one of those other now irrelevant mp3 players.

    This is a perfect time for a little nostalgia. The smartphone market is drowning out the personal stand alone music player, but lets take a trip back in time. What was your first mp3/cd/mini-disc/tape/record player player (God forbid anyone is that old)?

    As for me I remember ripping cd's and mixes onto my Aiwa mini-disc player way back in fifth grade. God, that brings me back. Time to find my Pogs and yo-yo's.

    Source: Woot.com
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