• Apple Gives Up Pod Race

    Patently Apple is reporting the Canadian Intellectual Property Office published Apple's official notice of abandonment of the "POD" trademark.

    This comes after seven long years of litigation attempting to secure "POD" as an Apple trademark. In the wake of the iPod's popularity Apple fought to keep third party manufacturers from cannibalizing the "POD" trademark. Also, it prevented competitors from branding their products with the Pod monicker. Hence, there are no "gamePods" or "mPods."

    Apple issued a number of cease and desist orders between 2004 and 2006 as well as negotiating with companies to change the name of their products. Some notables include the "Profit Pod" arcade gambling machine and the company Gear4 that was known as PodGear until 2006.

    While Apple hasn't been active in muscling companies who use the Pod name as of late, they continue to play the bully with the "App Store" namesake. Apple has filed suit against the Amazon Appstore.

    With "POD" now abandoned by Apple feel free to copyright your own creative Pod product. I already patented the PeePod. It is a revolutionary bedpan that sterilizes and purifies urine into bottled drinking water for hospitals to sell in their cafeterias.

    Sources: PC World, Patently Apple
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