• MMiThemer - browse/install SummerBoard themes right from your iPhone

    Updated to 0.21BETA 6/8/08 2:25AM:
    - zodttd pointed something out which should explain why it worked for some users and not others. Thanks zodttd
    - You used a libgcc_s in a path that doesnt always exist
    - Library not loaded: /usr/local/arm-apple-darwin/lib/libgcc_s.1.dylib was dscovered thanks to Drakenza's crash log
    - this has been fixed in version 0.21BETA

    Many people don't seem to understand the term beta so I am now including the definition:
    beta - preliminary or testing stage of a software or hardware product; "a beta version"; "beta software"

    ModMyI is proud to beta release MMiThemer, which gives you access to our huge SummerBoard themes database straight from your iPhone. Now available on Installer and Cydia, the app allows you to browse through our hundreds of available themes created by ModMyI members, and install them right from the iPhone.

    We will be updating this app frequently, but figured its to a point well enough now that you guys can start beta testing it so we can see how it works in production volume.

    cash edit: This is a BETA so post bugs in thread. If the bug has already been posted please do not post it again.

    apply theme with customize 2.0, summerboard, or Kate.

    Updated 6/7/08 11:17pm to 0.20BETA: The error of themes not showing up once installed should be fixed with the update. Also added more messages indicating that this is a beta.
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