• iPhone Nano for Macworld?

    Do you think there is an iPhone Nano on its way? At least one company does. After last week's "leak" of supposed cases for the iPhone Nano the case maker XSKN has taken everything even further putting up an entire section on their site devoted to case options for your iPhone Nano.

    With the timing of this page going up it's only natural to speculate that there could be an iPhone Nano being announced at Macwold coming up in only two weeks. While XSKN has a history of having some solid insider info in the past with the iPhone 3g as Gizmodo points out, one has to question if there is really going to be an iPhone Nano announced at Macworld.

    The iPhone Nano rumor seems to pop up about every sixth months with the most recent significant one being convincing pictures of the Nano's screen back in June. Steve Jobs isn't speaking during the Keynote at Macworld this year. Would the Jobs really allow someone else announce a new line of his beloved iPhone? The AppStore already has thousands of apps. These apps wouldn't work on an iPhone Nano unless it had the exact same resolution which is unlikely with a smaller screen. Could a iPhone Nano be a viable product without the AppStore? On the other hand it will reportedly be the last Macworld Apple attends. Maybe they want to go out with a bang.

    iPhone Nano? I like polls take ours above
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