• Citrix and Windows on the iPhone

    Citrix is gearing up to release their Citrix Receiver, which is a remote screen software that connects to a PC. It gives you the illusion that you’re running Microsoft OS on the iPhone. Citrix says that users will have “full Windows capability.” This includes cut and paste! – Inside Windows that is.

    Although this is not the first remote screen app for the iPhone, it is the first one that is being back by a big company and many think it will work well.

    According to Citrix the Receiver will be important for:

    “- Web sites that require flash
    - Medical Apps
    - Web apps that need IE
    - Cut & Paste ( within Citrix sessions )”

    Sounds pretty cool, hopefully it comes out soon!

    Source: What's the coolest app that doesn't work on the iPhone .... yet ? - Chris Fleck
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