• [First Look] Days of Thunder, Slotz Racer + Flick Sports Baseball & Roads of Ruin

    Yesterday we got the opportunity to visit the Freeverse guys a bit to demo a couple of new games that are nearing release.


    Days of Thunder

    You've seen the movie right? Tom Cruise is the hot headed new NASCAR drive talent looking for a win while falling in love with Nicole Kidman (yeah you're jealous). The movie has become the game Days of Thunder for the iPhone and iPod Touch complete with an animated Tom Cruise in the intro. You hop in your NASCAR Stock car and battle other drivers around the track looking for the win. Through winning you get upgrade cars etc as you race for the championship. The game also includes challenges like knowing the correct time for a pit stop to get tires and gas etc. just like the real world.

    While the game looks pretty complete already it is not quite ready for the AppStore and Freeverse will be polishing it up for a release soon. The 3D graphics are very good and feature damage on the cars when you run into things (maybe even explosions The controls are easy to use. You turn (left) using the iPhone accelerometer and press on the right hand corner of the screen for gas. The 3D graphics are very good and feature damage on the cars when you run into things (maybe even explosions

    While we wanted to know more Paramount (who Freeverse licensed with to make this game) is handling press media stuff and Freeverse couldn't tell us more. If you're into NASCAR or iPhone racing games in general this will be one to look out for.


    Slotz Racer

    Bring back memories of your childhood with this slot car racing game. Just like with real slot cars there is only one control to worry about. The gas. you send your slot car zipping around the track with a touch of the throttle but go to fast around a corner and you fly right off the track. There are various cars to choose from with different characteristics so you can choose between cornering, speed, and acceleration.

    The two highlights of this game would be multiplayer mode and build your own track. Just playing around it was pretty easy to set up a track with all the turns and straightaways we wanted. After the track was built we learned that this game supports multiplayer mode with up to four people with one using each corner of the iPhone to control their car.

    This is the most complete Freeverse game here and should be on the AppStore within a couple weeks for $1.99

    Flick Sports Baseball

    Continuing the popular Flick Sports series Freeverse will be releasing Flick Sports Baseball some time in February. Edit your team and players and then play against other teams to win the season (maybe -- Freeverse doesn't know yet if there will be a full season).

    Like other games in the Flick Sports series Flick Sports Baseball will be focusing on the mechanics of the game. In this case with baseball the focus will be batting and pitching. The controls haven't really been figured out yet but there will be some finger flick or swiping or something to control batting.

    Roads of Ruin

    Although months from being avaialable this game is something we need to keep an eye out for. This "post-apocalyptic RPG/trading game" looks like it will be hours of fun for the iPhone.

    It is 2023. You live in the US after a Nuclear war that has left the country devastated with seven our eight waring sub states. You are a mail courrier (Mad Max anyone?) and your job is to deliver messages and good between one waring state and another making money along the way buying low and selling high. Along your way you have to fight off assaults from people trying to steal your bike or your goods.
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