• See What Happens When You Assume, iPhone Nano Forgers

    So now that the iPhone Nano is officially a no go, there are several Eastern manufacturers with forged versions of a product that doesn't even exist.

    The forging started just after Christmas in Thailand and only continued to escalate; now leaving forgers with excess phony stock that will undoubtedly make its way westward.

    There is a lot of speculation as to what Apple will do about these iPhone Nanos by pundits and bloggers. Surely Apple would like to follow suit against these forgers if they could locate them, but that seems unlikely at this time…most likely a few not so well informed consumers will buy the iPhone Nano, and impress their equally uniformed friends with the "latest and greatest technology."

    I personally find it kind of funny that the forgers got it wrong this year. However, I am all for Apple getting some competition but blatant knockoffs that are designed to mislead people…not cool.

    Source: Apple wrongfoots iPhoneys • The Register
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