• Alpine's First Touchscreen iPhone Compatible Car Receiver

    The iXA-W404 is the first touchscreen iPhone compatible car receiver and features a 4.3-inch QVGA touchscreen monitor.

    In addition to the touchscreen navigation the receiver meets both the "Works With iPhone" and "Made For iPod" designations. It also comes with a dedicated USB input which allows for playing iPod/iPhone video files, Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to connect to additional music sources like HD Radio.

    The price has not been released yet.

    Alpine has also released;

    - iDA-X305: 2.2-inch color TFT screen, iPhone/iPod compatibility, USB input, built-in 18W RMS x 4 amplifier, three pairs of pre-outs and a 24-bit DAC. Price: TBD
    - CDE-102 CD Receiver: USB, iPhone/iPod compatibility, built-in 18W RMS x 4 amplifier (at CEA-2006 power ratings), HP crossover and two sets of pre-outs. Price: TBD

    Here is the press release for the iXA-W404

    "The iXA-W404 is Alpine’s first touch-screen digital media receiver. Designed to deliver a fully integrated iPod®/iPhone® experience in the car, the receiver has no CD mechanism. The iXA-W404 meets Apple Inc.’s specifications for the “Made for iPod” and “Works with iPhone” designations, and features a dedicated USB input for optimal iPod/iPhone connection and superior digital sound quality. The USB input also enables connection to USB memory devices. The iXA-W404 can also play iPod/iPhone video files. The 2-DIN iXA-W404 gives users two ways to navigate and access their iPod music via their in-dash head unit: the double-encoder knob and the vibrant 4.3-inch QVGA color touch-screen monitor. The unit’s intuitive user interface and search menu are very similar to the iPhone/iPod Touch interface, so that users can continue the familiar iPod experience in the car. The unit’s ultra-responsive touch-screen lets users quickly browse through their file collection by lightly dragging the on-screen album covers with their finger. The current album is shown in the center of the screen, with the previous two albums/songs and next two album/songs on either side of the current selection. Users can also navigate through files alphabetically via an alphabet bar shown on the right side of the screen. For those who want more from their aftermarket head unit, the iXA-W404 delivers. It is enabled for integrated Bluetooth connectivity so that users can conduct hands-free phone conversations through the car’s sound system. (Separate Bluetooth module required.) The iXA-W404 can also connect to a variety of additional sources, such as HD Radio™ with iTunes® Tagging and multicasting, satellite radio, navigation and more. (Additional products and subscriptions required.) Discerning audio enthusiasts can enjoy custom sound processing with the addition of a separate Alpine IMPRINT Audio Processor. The iXA-W404’s suggested retail index is $TBD."

    This looks awesome! I just hope its not too much $$

    Source: Alpine Releasing iPhone Compatible Touch-Screen Receiver | ZolloTech
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