• 3G USB iPhone Tethering - PdaNet 1.50+

    We first showed you PdaNet back in September, and since then they've done quite a bit of work on it (including changing from free to $29 ).

    I gotta admit though, despite being $29, this is by far the best tethering app out there for iPhone: and 1.50+ now adds USB tethering support for Windows users. And it works like a charm. Mac guys - sucks to be us about now. Here's the word from the guys:
    In terms of USB connection the Mac platform and Windows platform are quite different. We do not have any development plan as of now but would want to get to it eventually.
    You can charge while using USB still, and here's the full list of features:

    • You will get FULL Internet access on the computer! (Instead of only applications that support Socks proxy.) In technical terms, all applications make direct TCP/IP connections to the server. Since there is no proxy involved, that also means less problems and less delays.
    • VPN connections are supported on the computer.
    • You don't need to configure anything on the computer end whenever you connect PdaNet. No proxy settings, no extra software installation, no messing with static IP assignment, no switching settings back and forth when going back to your home's WiFi router.
    • Yes it will connect at 3G speed if your phone has the coverage.Feedback from our users shows pretty fast speed even for the 2G version.
    • Supports PC, MAC, Linux or anything (include other PDA/phones) that connects to a WiFi router.
    • PdaNet runs in the background so you can still use other iPhone features when PdaNet is connected. But when you are done with them, go back to PdaNet to prevent the phone from entering idle and drops your connection.
    • PdaNet has a built-in "insomnia" feature so you can turn off the phone when PdaNet is in the foreground and it won't drop your active connection. This will conserve battery.
    • It is recommended that you charge the phone at the same time while using PdaNet because both WiFi and 3G will be put on full speed, both consume a lot of juice.

    Check it out now on the MMi repo in Cydia.
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