• AT&T Trying to Extend iPhone Exclusivity

    Since the iPhone first went on sale nearly three TWO (typo ) years ago AT&T has been the exclusive carrier here in the US. Now that the end of the exclusivity contract is coming closer (many think next year) AT&T is working to extend it. According to a report by the Wall Street Journal AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson is working keep the iPhone on AT&T and only AT&T here in the US through 2011. When asked for comment all Apple said was "We have a great relationship with AT&T."

    It is no secret that the iPhone has been big business for AT&T with many customers switch off other wireless carriers and on to AT&T for the iPhone. AT&T has been committed to driving sales of the iPhone the whole time spending upwards of $1.3 billion to discount the iPhone (the subsidy). It is no surprise that AT&T wants to continue forward with the iPhone and keep it off of competing carriers.

    Let's have a poll. Do you want to see the iPhone on multiple carriers in the US?

    thanks JazJon for the tip
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