• Apple Now Selling iPhone 3G through US Online Store, Clearing its Inventories!

    Sometime back, Apple made it possible to pay for iPhone 3G Online from the US Online Apple Store but with no option of doorstep delivery! This was still a pain as you still had to visit the nearby (or farby!) Apple store to grab it.

    But it seems that you Apple changed this policy, without any announcement. Effective immediately, you can get the phone delivered straight to your doorstep from the US Apple Online Store - without even paying a shipping price! This is a clever move by Apple, which seems to be in a hurry to clear it's inventory, probably to prepare them for the anticipated upcoming model of the iPhone.

    If you are not much interested in buying the upcoming model - maybe because you really love the current one - you can now order it online.


    P.S. If you are not an AT&T customer, you will be asked to sign up and choose a rate plan as well.
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