• Next iPhone July 17th, Rubber Back, OLED Screen, More?

    Now that everything here at MMi is running again back to the news

    If appadvice's source can be believed the next-gen iPhone will be available for purchase on July 17th. There will be major hardware updates across the board as well. Can't tell if this information is real or not as the most of what is mentioned is either common sense or rumors we have already seen and many are doubtful at best. The report, however, does include some new rumors! Your next iPhone could have all of the following:
    • 32GB and 16GB to replace current capacities
      This is a basic upgrade that one would expect with a new Apple product.

    • $199 and $299 price-points to be maintained
      Also expected, subsidization makes the iPhone fairly affordable, helps Apple sell product, take over your life, the world . . .

    • 3.2 Megapixel camera
      As rumored here.

    • Video recording & editing capabilities
      As rumored here. Found in Firmware 3.0 here.

    • Ability to send a picture & video via MMS
      MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. Self explanatory and we already know it's coming due to 3.0 firmware.

    • Discontinuation of the metal band surrounding the edge of the device
      This is new rumor/information.

    • OLED screen
      As rumored here, here.

    • 1.5X The battery life
      This is new rumor/information. It would be great if the battery life was improved. My current 3g requires its nightly charge.

    • Double the RAM and processing power
      New. Apps would run better. Sorry underpowered pre . . .

    • Built-in FM transmitter
      As rumored here.

    • Apple logo on the back to light up
      Now wouldn't that be cool? Light up Apple AND better battery life? Doubtful at best . . .

    • Rubber-tread backing
      “Similar to the back of a blackberry.” If I wanted a rubber blackberry I would buy one -- wish they would go back to metal . . .

    • Sleeker design
      How? That can mean almost anything.

    • Built-in compass
      As rumored here.

    • Revolutionary combination of the camera, GPS, compass, and Google maps to identify photo and inform about photo locations.
      According to the source this is going to be some super information slammed into the palm of your hand feature. Take a picture and the iPhone will use GPS, compass, etc to tell you everything it possibly can about what you just took a picture of using sources like Wikipedia. Hard to believe that this is on its way in a couple months - it took Apple two years to figure out copy/paste.

    • Turn by turn directions
      As revealed here.

    • July 17th, 2009 release date
      A Friday mid July. Just like the last two years of "iPhone Day"

    thx for the tip stocis
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