• iSkin Solo FX, Best of Both Worlds (Giveaway Ended)

    iSkin is a company dedicated to making great accessories for all kinds of Apple consumer products. They’ve got some really neat stuff in the stable, and the latest one is the “Solo FX”.

    iSkin Solo FX gives you the best of both world - both the nice glossy look of a hard case, and the complete shock protection as soft cases. Unlike most of those soft silicone cases, this case's material doesn’t attract lint at all.

    My first impression of the case was it looks beautiful! It's pretty similar to one of their other cases, the “Solo”, but the FX comes in a variety of vivacious colors and beautiful designs embossed on their backs. A perfect ‘party outfit’ for your iPhone 3G!

    Like most cases out there, this one has some common design issues. First of all, the major issue with the case is it is much harder to press the home button and volume control buttons due to the "hard" material, which acts as a big barrier. Another common problem is the vibrator switch, which is easy to push down but needs much more effort to be pulled back up. Even the camera cutout is not of the perfect size, which makes it look a bit off. Another issue with the case - which could be taken as a favorable factor as well - is that it really grips to the jeans and could be difficult to take out of the pockets. Other than that, no major issue exist.

    If you are looking for a sleek case that can give you shock protection as well, look no further! You might consider having a look at the Speck Candyshell as well, which is a tough competitor to this case. For those of you looking to buy one, get it directly off iSkin for 32.99$ - a bit overpriced but still fair for most - not to mention that you also get a mirror screen protector included in that price though no squeegee. The color range includes translucent purple, translucent red, translucent orange, translucent blue and translucent green.

    But if you really want to try your luck before spending the money, iSkin is generously providing ModMyi with 3 extra cases for a GIVEAWAY! These can be shipped internationally, so everyone gets a chance to participate. The rules are pretty simple and any one that doesn’t follow simply won’t qualify to win one.

    • Follow both @iSkininc and @modmyi on Twitter.com and
    • Tweet the message- RT Follow @iSkininc and @modmyi on Twitter to win a cool iPhone case!

    The contest lasts till June 5 15:00 GMT
    UPDATE: https://twitter.com/modmyi/status/2044435247

    @rekzai, @Viji_Island & @mactouchntocco win the iSkin contest! PM poetic_folly on ModMyi.com w/your mailing address for your prizes!
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