• 3.0 June 17th. Or Today.

    3.0 chatter has been going on a while now (and is already jailbroken and officially has Cydia ready and released for it, you faithful hackery types), and WWDC marked the official date announcement - June 17th (pf.edit, thanks guys - not the 19th). Developers were given out the gold master today - bye bye betas.

    We've already been over most of the 3.0 improvements, and Apple tossed us a couple bones as well:

    • MMS supported from 29 carriers as of game day, although AT&T will get that to us "later this summer". Thanks, AT&T.
    • Safari has got some solid speed increases - JavaScript 3x faster, HTML 5 support, HTTP streaming a/v, and auto-fill (nice).
    • Tethering supported from 22 carriers. Of course AT&T won't be on that list, but are sure they'll get to it soon.
    • You can now RENT and PURCHASE movies from the iPhone through iTunes, including audiobooks.

    iPod Touch users save your pennies - the upgrade will be free for iPhone users, but $9.95 for iPod Touch folks, same as 2.0 was.

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