• Order Unsubsidized iPhone 3GS By Hacking Apple Online Store & Get it Delivered

    This is a great news for all people who'd like to have an unsubsidized iPhone 3GS. Now there's no need to go to Apple stores and get in the queue to get one - as you can get it directly from Apple's Online store, delivered at your doorstep on June 19th!

    To get it, you must follow the little trick below. It has been confirmed to work by an Apple rep.

    1. Install Firebug extension for firefox.
    2. Open any Non-apple product page on Apple store, for eg the Mophie Juice pack.
    3. Click on the little bug in bottom bar and then select Inspect.
    4. Click on Add To Cart button.
    5. Replace the prduct code (TV943VC/A in the above example) with one of the below for the desired product.
      • iPhone 3G 8GB ($499): MB046LL/A
      • iPhone 3GS 16GB Black ($599): MB715LL/A
      • iPhone 3GS 16GB White ($599): MB716LL/A
      • iPhone 3GS 32GB Black ($699): MB717LL/A
      • iPhone 3GS 32GB White ($699): MB718LL/A

    6. Finally, click the "Add To Cart" button again and the phone will be added without an AT&T contract.

    All the credit for this find goes to the administrator at iTalkiPhone.com

    P.S. The phone will be unsubsidized, NOT unlocked!

    Thanks to yifanlu!
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