• Early Leak of iPhone 3G S Unboxing Pics!

    A week early and pictures of the iPhone 3G S being unboxed have already surfaced! The gallery (below) includes images of the iPhone 3G S box, a rear shot with 32GB visible, and images of the screen with Compass and Voice Control.

    There is a bit of weirdness with these pics. First of all the bezel looks misleadingly gold. With careful inspection one can see that some images the bezel looks gold, some it looks chrome, and the box pic it appears to be half chrome half gold. The goldness is most likely bad reflections or improperly set white balance on the camera.

    More weirdness. These images are watermarked by Engadget. iClarified claims they pulled the images from an Engadget gallery at a url which is blank at the time of this writing. Engadget 中国版.

    Regardless, enjoy the pics below!

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