• Lawmakers Encourage New Privacy Laws That Could Impact Apple

    It now looks like those recent senate hearings on mobile security and consumer privacy may have actually served a bigger purpose than your run-of-the-mill political barking that comes without any real biting. On Friday, two members of a prominent US Senate subcommittee put forth their recommendations to Congress for new laws that could impact the likes of Apple, Google, and RIM.

    Senators John Kerry (D-Mass.) and Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) are encouraging a bill that would regulate consumer privacy across smartphones and the web. The lawmakers contend that the regulation is essential to impede "the practice of gathering and sharing personal user data."

    Apple Inc., Google Inc. and Facebook Inc., along with the thousands of developers who make applications for their platforms, are facing increasing scrutiny from Congress over how they collect, use and store customer information, including data gathered from smartphones and other wireless devices.
    “These devices are not really phones–they are miniature computers,” said Rockefeller, chair of the Commerce Committee. “The mobile marketplace is so new, and technology is moving so quickly that many consumers do not understand the privacy implications of their actions.” Bloomberg News reports that Rockefeller is still search for concrete evidence that Apple and Google are truly in compliance with online privacy laws - particularly those that pertain to children.

    Yesterday, Catherine Novelli, vice president of worldwide government affairs for Apple, told her questioners in Capitol Hill that Apple “doesn’t knowingly collect any information on children under age 13.”

    Source: Bloomberg
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