• Find My iPhone is Live!

    MMi member jjh4ck3rs just contacted me and notified that the new MobileMe Find My iPhone feature is live. I logged into my .me account and there it was operating just fine.

    If you remember last week when it was announced, Find My iPhone allows you to track your iPhone's location, send a msg to it (with annoying audio alarm), and even remote-wipe all your data. The feature is meant to be used in case you iPhone is lost or stolen to help you recover it and remove personal information.

    I can confirm that location tracking is working and the send message feature is working. MMi member jjh4ck3rs says he tried the remote wipe feature and it worked instantly! The iPhone just shuts down with no warning, stays at the Apple for a long time booting up, and the starts with all your personal data removed.

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