• YellowSn0w 3.0 Video Demo. Enter UltraSn0w!

    Quick facts:
    • Apple closed the injection vector that YellowSn0w used.
    • Solution? New version enters called UltraSn0w.
    • Will unlock ANY iPhone 3g on 3.0 firmware regardless of baseband, bootloader, etc.
    • Same payload as YellowSn0w, injected into new hole in the baseband.
    • This new hole was found by an iPhone user named Orinav (no idea if i spelled that right) outside of the dev team.
    • Not releasing until iPhone 3.0 goes live so Apple doesn't have time to patch the hole.
    • Dev Team planning on releasing UltraSn0w on Friday. Could they be trying to unlock the iPhone 3G S before release too?

    (skip 2 minutes in to hear it start)

    MuscleNerd, from the iPhone Dev Team, has just released a video demo of the new iPhone software unlock - yellosn0w has now become ultrasn0w. It will not be released til Friday, on the iPhone Dev Team's site. Of course we'll have tutorials and links up for you as soon as it happens, same as always, so keep checking back.

    The best news? It unlocks ANY modem firmware (no more fiddling around with downgrading baseband and wondering if you're allowed to upgrade, etc) - as long as you're running the 3.0 firmware on your iPhone 3G, you can unlock. This WON'T work on the 3GS, until they've got that hardware - they'll be working on that right away, of course, its what they do.

    3.0 will officially be available from iTunes as of tomorrow for your iPhone 3G, 1G, and both versions of the iPod Touch. MuscleNerd DID say that the iPod Touch 2G 3.0 jailbreak "will be out soon after Apple pushes 3.0 official," but just the 3.0 unlock won't be available til Friday while they iron out a few last kinks.

    Oh, and its fine to install 3.0 as soon as its available if you don't mind being locked a few days (just until Friday, when ultrasn0w comes out).

    It's fine to install 3.0 now if you don't need to unlock til Friday. When you jailbreak make sure it's from our links tho to avoid hassles.

    Download the video here (right click, Save As)
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