• iPhone 3G S Arrives at Retail Stores (Pics)

    Stores across the continent received shipments of the iPhone 3G S yesterday. MMi reader djnikk, working at FutureShop in Quebec (FutureShop is the Canadian Best Buy, they sell iPhones too) took some quick shots of boxes that have arrived in their store.

    This particular location got about a dozen iPhones of various color/size combinations. A dozen isn't very many iPhones for a store, but pre-ordering has probably reduced the needed stock on hand a bit this year.

    edit: Oh Canada doesn't allow pre-ordering? Maybe people just don't like the iPhone in Canada :-/ 12 per store seems like a tiny number.

    More pics attached

    Tune in around 6AM EST tomorrow as well as we wait in line at the local Apple store to get ours.
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