• [PICS] Standing in Line for the iPhone 3GS

    We're standing here in line at the Tampa International Plaza Apple Store. The time is 6:30AM, and you can see from the images below there's already over 50 people in line - so much for 6AM being early. There's no WiFi available out here in the parking lot, so good ol' PdaNet is my strength when the net is weak.

    The Apple store will be opening at 7AM. Of course we pre-ordered, so we should be in there with an iPhone 3GS within the hour. Our inside Apple guy tells us employees have been in the store since before 5. Keep checking this post for more pics and info as we get in the store and get the phone.

    EDIT: Looks like the first guy in line got here at noon yesterday... and the second guy was 8PM yesterday. There was about a half dozen folks who actually spent the night here in Tampa.

    EDIT TWO: Apple guys say the guy who got there at noon yesterday isn't even the account holder on his account - meaning he just got sent home. Niiiiiice.

    Are you in line? Shoot us an email with a photo or two and we'll get it posted to this thread... or just attach it in a post yourself if you've got WiFi and a laptop. over now!

    EDIT THREE: And now we've got it! 32GB White... ready for that upcoming jailbreak and unlock.

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