• Microsoft Gives You $105 to Buy an iPhone 3GS

    Microsoft's newly launched Bing search engine has brought back the CashBack Incentives to life! eBay cashback deals earlier offered by Live.com were a big hit as well.

    As per this new incentive program, buyers get a 35% cashback guarantee if they buy from AT&T using Bing, though you have to go through some additional steps to save the bucks.

    HOW TO GET PREMIER + CashBack (New Contracts Only):
    • Visit ATT Wireless website and validate your email address with Premier.
    • Check your email and click the link to your ATT Premier Store.
    • Open a new tab with the same browser that your ATT Premier Store is open in.
    • Go to bing.com in the new tab and search "att wireless"
    • Click the 35% CashBack Sponsored Link
    • Sign into your CashBack account and get redirected to the main AT&T Wireless page.
    • In the top right enter the term "Premier" into the search bar.
    • Click the first link that reads "at&t premier login"
    • You will get directed to the same Premier store you have open in the original tab.
    • Congratulations, you are in the Premier store under the CashBack AT&T Site
    The above is just for those who'd like to get a new contract with AT&T. For those who want to upgrade from their current contract, the steps are different.

    If you have an account with AT&T and you just want to make an upgrade or add a line:
    • Go to bing.com
    • Search " ATT WIRELESS ".
    • Click the AT&T sponsored link, you will redirected (after you enter your email) to either the regular AT&T store or the Premier store depending on which account you have
    • Log in to your account and make your purchase.
    • The cashback will show up as "pending" after a couple of hours.
    • If it takes more than 48 hours for the cashback to show up, contact bing's customer service then you will asked for your order number, method of payment( I attached my whole purchase order to the email): You cash will show up within hours
    This new program by Microsoft is somewhat ironical as well, given Steve Ballmer's recent statement about iPhone's market share.

    [iPhoneIndiaBlog via SlickDeals]
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