• Cover Story For The New Yorker Made With The iPhone

    I really thought this article was interesting and tasteful at that.... it hard to believe that the iPhone can do such a cool thing! There is nothing better in life than beautiful artwork. Jorge Colombo bought his first iphone the beginning of February. Once he bought his iphone he purchased the app brushes to entertain himself. He started drawing when he was seven years of age... (Most people that are excellent with drawing and painting do start at a young age or they are gifted)

    His artwork is superb and tasteful! I love the cover that made it for the New Yorker he made with brushes... EXCELLENT JOB and no wonder it made the cover... take a look below at his artwork... hard to believe he did this with his iphone and app brushes..

    To see how he painted this follow the link below.. you can watch a video of him painting it. He also used Brush Viewer to capture each step of how he composed the picture.

    Cover Story: Finger Painting: The New Yorker Blog: Online Only: The New Yorker

    Also if you would like to view some of his work his website link is below.

    Jorge Colombo | Drawings

    To purchase the apps he used to give it a try the itunes links are below for both apps.

    Brushes Below
    iTunes Store

    Brushes Viewer Below
    iTunes Store

    Also if you would like to view artwork made with brushes here is a good link below..
    Flickr: Brushes Gallery ? iPhone Art
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