• iPhone to get Micro-USB for Europe?!

    Since Apple released it's first iPod, they've been using a 30 Pin Dock Connector to manage charging and syncing options on devices such as iPods and even iPhones. Due to a recent agreement made, they might soon have a Micro-USB Port on the iPhone in place of or in addition to the traditional dock connector!

    According to a latest report, Apple along with 10 other mobile phone companies agreed to make smartphone devices supporting Micro-USB for the European market. The main cause for this agreement was the need to reduce multiple number of cables being used by European customers for their electronic devices, mainly smartphones

    The companies involved in the agreement account for around 90% market share in the smartphone market. These include Motorola, LG, NEC, Qualcomm, Research in Motion, Samsung and Texas Instruments along with Apple to name a few.

    The new devices will be sold with a standardized charger beginning from year 2010 as per the report.


    P.S. Apple might still not add a Micro-USB as there is no "legal binding" and it is just for the ones volunteering.
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