• Three Colorful iOS Battery Packs From HyperJuice

    MMi Live @ MacWorld

    HyperJuice is in full force at this yearís MacWorld Expo with a large colorful booth near the entrance of the hall. If youíre looking for the most fashionable battery pack for your iOS device, then look no further than HyperJuice. HyperJuice has three models to choose from, all of which are perfect for todayís power hungry devices.

    All HyperJuice models are ďavailable in 10 different colors and housed in an exquisite aluminum casing, you will be spoilt for choice selecting the right battery pack to match your iPad, iPhone, iPod or USB device.Ē

    The HyperJuice Micro ($69.95 on sale) features a 3600mAh lithium ion battery that can fully recharge an iPhone up to 3 times. If youíre planning on being on an extra long flight, it can extend an iPadís battery life by an additional five hours.

    The HyperJuice Mini ($99.95) is slightly smaller physically, but it actually contains a more powerful 7200mAh lithium ion batter. It can extend an iPadís battery by up to 10 hours and can recharge an iPhone up to six times. If your not going to be near an AC outlet for a particularly long period of time, then the Mini model should keep you going for quite a while.

    The latest battery from HyperJuice is the Nano model (price TBA). It is more of a short-range battery back with an 1800mAh lithium ion battery. It will recharge an iPhone 1.5x. This model is really more of a battery extender giving you more talk time and longer internet access time. The Nano fits neatly in any pocket and can be a real lifesaver for some situations.

    Source: HyperJuice
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