• Chinese iPhone 3G Approved, Caught in the Wild?

    Apple has been struggling hard to bring iPhone into the Chinese market - but even after more than a years of trying, they've yet to achieve any solid success. Each round of negotiations have proven useless so far. According to a report by a Chinese news agency, the deal between China Unicom and Apple was confirmed and both signed a 3-year agreement. Though the spokesperson from China Unicom denied the fact, some new discoveries have been made to support the news. Sure, this is quite old news - but the new findings have strengthened the claim!

    The fine folks over at Engadget notes a listing approved by China's State Radio Regulatory Commission (Chinese equivalent of FCC), which points towards a GSM / WCDMA device featuring Bluetooth and an internal model number A1324 submitted by the applicant "Apple, Inc." approved on 7th May, 2009. The approval runs for 5 years, making it quite comfortable for the Chinese carrier and Apple to enjoy a 3-year exclusivity deal.

    On top of that, a Chinese blog has even posted some supposed pics of the Chinese iPhone in the wild! Noticeably, the picture with settings app opened shows no option for WiFi - strengthening the old claims of a WiFi-less iPhone for China. The images look pretty neat but of course CAN be fake - don't jump on to any conclusions until we get official word.

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