• GeoHotz says R.I.P Purplesn0w and purplera1n

    GeoHotz announced yesterday that he will not be updating the Purplesn0w and purplera1n tools for OS 3.0.1. In fact, he won't be updating them at all. One reason - the DevTeam tools already work. He also mentions that the tools were merely a proof of concept, trying to show better and much more painless jailbreak methods exist than the DevTeam's, which he claims to be "complex"!

    I code to make things simple, hacky, and fast. Dev codes to make things proper, slow, and complicated; redsn0w works OOTB. [...] Someone enterprising out there could probably fix it, it's just the kernel patches that are in the wrong place. Exploit and 99% of payload will work fine. But otherwise, purplera1n RIP.
    GeoHotz says those willing can customize his patches to work on the new firmware with a minimum amount of changes, as most of the payload works - it's just a matter of changing the spot where the tool tackles in the kernel. Although... hey, what's wrong with proper? Can't he do simple, proper, and fast?

    If I do another tool release, it'll hit the ipt3 and ra1nydayless 3GS. Told you I had more holes.
    Finally, he ends the blog on a good note having said that he may still do work for the iPhone / iPod Touch community and will be releasing some nice solution once the iPod Touch 3 is out, as he claims to to have some more holes...

    via iPhonejtag
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