• Microsoft: How to Port an iPhone App to Windows Mobile

    Well, looks like the big MS wants a piece of that AppStore development crowd (and who wouldn't). In a recent case study appropriately titled "Porting the Amplitude Application from the iPhone to a Windows Mobile Device – a Case Study," the big MS (actually, through a third party consulting firm) detailed precisely how to port an iPhone app over to Windows Mobile.

    It's a solid read with code examples and addresses many questions devs might have.

    States Mobility Today:

    Microsoft plans to launch the Windows Marketplace for mobile applications in the fall, which in the U.S. means the late-September to late-December time frame. Last week Microsoft began accepting submissions of mobile-phone software applications for the site from registered developers in 29 countries. As an incentive, the company is offering prizes for the most popular applications as judged by downloads, revenue, usefulness and more. Apple already has a thriving marketplace for developers that build iPhone applications.
    Microsoft via Mobility Today (thanks, JazJon)
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