• SlingPlayer 1.1 to Support 3G Except in US

    Word is that SlingPlayer for iPhone 1.1 has been submitted for App Store approval. This update provides a few new features including 3G streaming worldwide minus the US AT&T users. The initial release of SlingPlayer was delayed repeatedly presumably because Sling Media wanted to submit the application with 3G streaming but was delayed repeatedly due to Apple's close relationship with AT&T. AT&T doesn't like applications that use up so much bandwidth and resources on their network.

    If SingPlayer 1.1 is approved for the AppStore including streaming over 3G everywhere besides the US it would just further support the notion that Apple and AT&T are interfering with competitive practices which they are currently under investigation for with the FCC.

    SlingPlayer 1.1 is more than just 3G streaming, it also fixes some 1.0 annoyances with the ability to play 16:9 content all the way to the edges of the iPhone screen. DVR control is a totally new feature for Dish Network users allowing them to navigate their DVR to download etc etc remotely.

    via slingcommunity
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