• iPhone Shortage in Canada, Internationally. Not US.

    Apple doesn't have enough iPhones being produced to meet customer demand. Rogers (Canada) is advising potential iPhone 3G and 3GS customers that they are out of stock and that the device will be back in stock and available for sale in coming weeks. Fido (subsidiary of Rogers) is also saying the same thing.

    Rogers Spokeswoman Liz Hamilton commented on the shortage saying
    We are out of stock and still taking orders as our inventory continues to come in week to week . . While we have continuous incoming inventory, we are filling back orders on a priority basis and we appreciate the enthusiasm and patience of our customers.
    Canada isn't the only country with an iphone shortage. Reports from many other courtries are coming in that they are running low our out of iPhones. Australia said earlier in the month that their supply is completely exhausted.

    US carrier AT&T hasn't shown any effects of the shortage that international carriers is feeling. Why? Because Apple has made damn sure that the US has priority when it comes to iPhone supply. According to senior analyst for mobility at IDC Canada Kevin Restivo
    If you're in short supply and the smart-phone companies are [fighting] it out in a war, you want to protect your beachhead. You want to be able to fight the battle in the most important areas of the world, and quite frankly that's the United States. You've got to reserve your supply for the biggest battle grounds . . Rogers can't be thrilled about the supply situation.
    Apple dropped the ball here. People want to buy the iPhone and can't. It appears that the iPhone 3GS is selling in much higher numbers even during this economic downturn than Apple could have predicted. Apple has declined to comment about the shortage.

    via theglobeandmail
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