• Apple Patent Details File-Transfer in Call

    Apple has a new patent entitled "Auto Messaging to Currently Connected Caller." The patent focuses around the potential to send documents, emails, txt msgs, files, etc. to the person on the other end of the line while you are in call.
    While a user of a mobile device is using telephony services, the user may want to send a message or a file to another part . . . To send this information, the user may have to disconnect the call, and then perform a lookup of the caller's contact information prior to being able to send the message or file. This multi-step process can be tedious for the user.
    The data could be sent through various means like GSM, GPRS, Edge, Wi-Fi, WiMax and Bluetooth. Apple's interface would provide users with a way to access all the file sharing features while on call the system (phone? network?) would be capable to directing the various types of data correctly all at once.

    Apple is doing a lot of looking into file sharing technology for it mobiles. A similar patent that AppleInsider discovered in June details how an iPhone could share media like music, video, podcasts, images, voice mails with other iPhone users.

    via appleinsider
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