• iPhone 3GS High-Def Video Capable

    iPhone Playing 1080p at 30Mbps

    Back in April it was rumored that the next iPhone (current iPhone 3GS) would be capable and enabled to play true HD video in 720p and 1080i to your television via the Apple Composite AV Apple Component AV cable. When it was finally released the iPhone 3GS still played video like its predecessors only supporting SD 2.5Mbps Mpeg 4 or H264 video.

    As things turn out this is an arbitrary limit set by Apple possibly to conserve battery life or to simply match previous models.

    A user of chinese site WeiPhone did a lot of testing with the iPhone 3GS and discovered it can smoothly play back HD video at 30 Mbps in 1980x1080 resolution. The test was done by uploading various HD movies to the iPhone 3GS using the program FileAid and then running them via the iPhones built-in video player.

    Not that this has any real usage in everyday life since HD video doesn't have much of a point on the small iPhone screen. You could however pick up one of those Apple Component AV cables and run some high-def from iPhone to TV if you REALLY needed (?) to -- assuming someone figures out a way to bypass the output limits set by Apple.

    weiphone via ilounge
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