• PrivaCY Putting iPhone Owner's minds to Rest.

    Recently there has been some fuss over the fact that companies like Pinch Media, Medialytics etc have been tracking iPhone users on a level that is almost disturbing... They are able to tell device model, your location and whether you are jailbroken (just to name a few). After a few days and tons of ideas on how to stop this, Pinch Media actually approached Jay Freeman (known as saurik to many in the jailbreak community, author of Cydia), and they worked out a way to stop their tracking on jailbroken phones without damaging other services. Medialytics also got involved and supports this wholeheartedly. Check Cydia now for PrivaCY.

    As you will notice this comes with an update to Mobile Substrate and a simple preferences pane that allows users to choose whether or not they want to block each individual service.

    EDIT: Install the new updates in Cydia so you get the Repo. Then go to PrivaCy "Opt-Out" on the Cydia home page and install PrivaCY. After a respring check the settings and it should be there.
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