• Luxmo Cases – Bling for your iPhone

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    Swarovski Crystals and the iPhone aren’t usually thought of in the same sentence, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t go well together. Luxmo, have come out with a full line of luxury iPhone cases that are as over the top, as they are fashionable. Designers use real Swarovski Crystals to create unique iPhone cases that just cry out for attention.

    While talking to the designers, they informed me of how they follow cultural trends and fashion to create iPhone cases for any occasion. Most cases are in the $15-$75 range, but the higher end ones can go for as much as $350. Why not spend more on the case than the phone if you can?

    Most of their cases are so flashy that you can’t take your eyes off of them, but Luxmo doesn’t just cater to the high-end consumer. They also carry a few other designs that are more downtown than uptown. Their Cassette Tape case turns your 2011 iPhone into something from 1989. This case is made from grade A silica gel and all of the controls are easily accessible, but the only drawback to this design is the fact that you have to take the iPhone out of the case to plug in its dock connector. Otherwise this case is a hipster’s dream.

    Source: Luxmo
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