• DIY iPhone/iPod Touch Dock

    Noticed this DIY iPhone dock while trolling around on Flickr earlier; it's a bit old, but i couldn't pass this one up.

    Apple included an iPhone dock with the first release of the iPhone but has since removed the dock as a prepackaged accessory. The dock, a little bit of plastic with some little connection bits costs a ridiculous $49 via the Apple Store. That price was just too high for Flickr user sayesbury so he came up with his own innovative and unique DIY dock using the iPhone's packaging.
    I wanted a dock stand for the iphone, but I could not believe Apple want 35 for it.

    Seeing as the iphone already comes with a dock plate, it was just a simple matter of glueing the dock cable to the plate and mounting it onto a box.]

    You will have to trim the bottom of the dock plate so the dock connector will sit square on the plate.

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