• First Augmented Reality App Hits App Store

    French iPhone developers PresseLite have managed to sneak in the first augmented reality app named Metro Paris Subway into the Apple App Store. If you've been out of "the loop" lately augmented reality is the next big thing where computer generated objects are blended into real-world images in real time. In this particular case the Metro Paris Subway app blends in info about things around the subway when viewing them through the iPhone 3GS (yes only the 3GS -- the app uses both the GPS and the compass).

    It is a bit of a surprise that an augmented reality app has some how snuck into the App Store. This is because Apple hasn't provided an open API to access live video from the phone’s camera. Without the open API developers shouldn't be able to do what Metro Paris Subway has already done and still make it through Apple's team of 40 reviewers. They were probably able to sneak it in since the application already existed on the App Store and the augmented reality bits were added with an app update.

    Whatever the case may be we should be seeing a lot of applications like this in the very near feature since Apple has said that they will be providing the needed APIs with the iPhone firmware 3.1 update.

    Oh, and if any of you are in France please download and share how it works!

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