• AppStore does 40x business compared to Android, others

    AdMob, one of the pillars of the iPhone / iPod Touch 'ad network' brings out cool new facts about the AppStore - individually and compared to other markets that are really shocking.

    Their study, which involved 1,100 iPhone, iPod Touch and Android Phone users reveal application usage patterns! According to the study, an average iPhone user downloads 10 apps a month, about 25% of which are paid whereas an iPod Touch user downloads 18 apps a month, 16 out of which are FREE.

    It even unfolds the fact that about 50% of iPhone users pay for at least ONE app while only 40% iPod Touch users are likely to do so . . .

    People talk about wanting to buy quality apps but the results of the survey are quite contrasting. In fact, iPhone users downloading 5 apps monthly spend $9.49, just a bit low as compared to iPod Touch users' expenditure of $9.79 for the same. Do you think there is a chance for big business houses to survive in this fairly small market? Many (NOT all) have been successful till now but not everyone is lucky.

    Still, AppStore has shown that it has much more potential than any other 'app markets' out there - hear that Microsoft? In fact, while AppStore's market size is estimated to be a whooping $200 Million a month, Android Marketplace' market size is estimated to be a mere - 40x smaller for that matter - $5 Million! Think how smaller would be the number for Ovistore etc.

    Overall, AppStore can really mature into a proper market if Apple continues to develop it but at a faster, much faster pace!


    P.S. These are mere statistics obtained from a sample of 1,100 users out of millions out there. Therefore, there's a huge chance of error.
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