• Facebook.app hits 3.0 - Live Now!

    We knew it was coming, and here it is!

    Go grab Facebook.app's update from the AppStore now. It's at 3.0, now, and with a slew of solid updates.

    Video uploading works great, and you can even trim videos from your Camera Library from within the Facebook app. I uploaded a 20 second video extremely fast, and it showed up on my wall immediately. I couldn't view the actual video in Facebook.app until I restarted the app.

    Here's something nice - when trying to view a video, I got the following alert:

    Looks like Facebook will soon allow us to watch uploaded videos straight from the iPhone (they've previously been using Flash to show their video - which as we allllllll know doesn't work on the iPhone). Facebook's arch-nemesis Google has top dawg status on the "video on iPhone market", since YouTube.app is included stock with every iPhone sold. It was only expected Facebook would want a piece of that pie, so I'm interested to see how they decide to jump on that wagon.

    The new homepage of the app will take some getting used to, as I'm spoiled having all my links on the first page from the previous revs. I think this will actually make more sense, after playing with it the past half hour or so, but I still think swiping left/right to get between the various sections would be a nice addition. Or some gesture... swiping deletes right now, which is more valuable.

    The update is free (the APP is free), so pick it up now!

    thanks to everyone who sent this in
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