• iSmash Takes Navigation Apps to School

    images via iSmash

    Few things are as exciting in my book as a report card from iSmash.

    iSmash is out this weekend with a head to head comparison of the 5 most popular iPhone turn-by-turn navigation apps.

    And their findings are interesting, although rabid supporters of each app are likely to find argument with some of the grades given.

    But for now, the winner is... TomTom

    According to iSmash, TomTom gets the highest grade with a respectable B+

    Then again, how could it not be the winner? The TomTom app arguably emulates the top GPS navigation units with its turn-by-turn directions, voice instructions, touch-screen commands, a choice of 2D or 3D mapping, day/night screen choices and, of course, full coverage of the U.S. and Canada.

    From iSmash:
    TomTom is the leader of the GPS world, and there's a reason. They make a good product, and that didn't change for their iPhone app. The app works great. Just like their portable devices, the map itself looks ugly...with a thick red line over a beige background, and occasionally some jagged edges. But quite frankly, it's not there to be modeled, it's there to guide you and give you functionality. That it does.
    There are still plenty of reasons, however, why we don't see any grades above the B range. Too many iPhone navigation apps need to work on a major issue that I have with them - an incoming phone call will close your nav app and go to your phone app. And this usually happens at a critical moment when you really need those directions.

    Been there. Done that.

    Yet until the Apple makes the iPhone more multitasking-friendly, navigation apps can't be what we all want them to be - perfect.

    Other apps graded include: Navigon MobileNavigator, AT&T Navigator, CoPilot Live North America, Sygic Mobile Map US.

    You can check out their respective grades and weigh in on the analysis by visiting iSmash.com

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