• Google’s Sinister Plan to Vanquish the iPhone?

    image via Timesonline.

    An interesting article out in the Atlantic this week offers a little something special for the conspiracy theorist in all of us.

    What we all know for sure is that Google – for all its effort – can’t make a realistic dent in the booming smartphone marketplace. And, as a result, they may have hatched a cunning new plan to get a bigger piece of that pie.

    Farhad Manjoo has an interesting piece about how Google could market itself better. It's a two-step: 1) Hook up with a visionary designer to produce a phone that is manifestly sleeker/faster/cooler/more long-lasting than the iPhone, and 2) Target iPhone with a massive ad campaign. Like everything Manjoo writes, it's instructive and clear-headed, but something about the prescription "Just Spend a Gajillion on Cool Ads" strikes me as less than bold, and certainly belongs at the top of the category of Easier Typed Than Done.
    What’s more realistic in my opinion, is the theory proposed later in the article that Google’s real strategy may be to overwhelm iPhone users with a stealthy marketing campaign (defined by a blitz of cool apps and features) that all but forces users to consider a switch to a Google phone.

    That could put the iPhone at Google's mercy: "Maybe Apple felt that Google was using the iPhone as a gateway drug of sorts to give users a taste of what their apps can do... So Google would be using iPhone as a platform to market their apps until buyers realized, "If I'm using an iPhone to run all Google apps, I might as well just upgrade to a Google phone."
    Is this really Google’s business strategy? Some buy it… many don't.

    I’m on the fence.

    Where are you?
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