• "Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown" Coming to the iPhone, But Will It Work?

    Image via Rockstar Games

    Gamers take heed. Rockstar Games ( the wizards behind the Grand Theft Auto series) are bringing Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars to the iPhone and iPod Touch later this year.

    As reported this morning on Afterdawn.com:

    CTW was released for the Nintendo DS platform earlier this year and has been announced for the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP), set to be released in October. It will reportedly be available for iPhone sometime this fall.
    My first reaction was, needless to say, one of excitement. But along with other fans of the Grand Theft Auto brand, I'm starting to wonder exactly how Chinatown Wars will work - more specifically - how it will comfortably play on the iPhone's touchscreen and motion controls. Because Rockstar hasn't revealed details on the game play for Chinatown Wars, many are instead contemplating other comments made by the developers - most notably, that there will be some textures that will look low-res in comparison to the PSP version of the game.

    Rockstar has also hinted that controlling Huang Lee (the lead character) will differ from what most gamers are used to in terms of other handheld gaming devices. It appears that an on-screen analog stick (to be controlled by the thumb) will navigate Lee throughout the game.

    Also a head-scratcher today is how the game is going to be permitted to keep its trademark vulgarity. One would expect the famous content of a Grand Theft Auto game would stand diametrically opposed to Apple's generally strict policies governing inappropriate material trickling into the App Store. There's no shortage of apps that Apple has denied as a result of this firm stance.

    Overall, its poised to be a good end to 2009 for Rockstar Games. Following Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar's music-making game "Beaterator" will also make a bee-line for the iPhone and iPod Touch this fall, further building upon the developer's relationship with Apple.

    Beaterator is a title developed by Rockstar and producer Timbaland. Developed for the PlayStation Portable platform, the game is set to be released at the end of the month, with the iPhone port coming this fall. No details on pricing were revealed.
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