• China Mobile maybe getting iPhone as well

    Looks like Apple ain't satisfied with the China Unicom deal. In fact, after announcing as non-exclusive, they are already trying their luck with China Mobile again - and why not, it's the biggest carrier in China - the country with a mobile subscriber base of more than 700 Million, more than US and Europe combined!

    Recently, a China Mobile spokesperson confirmed that they were in talks with Apple to bring it's version to China, crushing China Unicom's every hope to gain some market share with the iPhone's launch.

    China Mobile is definitely the dominating carrier in the country, with a subscriber base of 475 million (more than double China Unicom's), and there's no doubt that Apple first tried their luck with them - but the carrier's greed to take full control over the AppStore doesn't do real justice to Apple's thirst for the same. Surely they don't want an AppStore managed by the carrier with it taking a major share of profit away from Apple... Moreover, the carrier's 3G technology didn't play well with the iPhone's 3G hardware, which caused further complexities in the deal.

    Though China Unicom will be the first to offer the iPhone in the country, but it surely won't get any major success, even with an early launch if China Mobile gets into the competition considering the former' relatively smaller subscriber base.

    [PCWorld via AppleInsider]
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