• Apple Approves Vonage App... and Vonage Seems Just as Surprised as the Rest of Us

    Image via Vonage

    Apple just hasn't been acting itself lately.

    From Spotify obtaining access to the App Store with its "competing" and "duplicate" streaming music application, to Rockstar Games getting the green light to bring "Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown" (vulgarities intact) to the iPhone, the Apple approval process has seemingly been turned on its head.

    And today we can throw yet another such example onto the pile of head-scratching developments. It turns out that Apple has now approved Vonage, a VoIP service that will be making its way to the App Store shortly . For now, the executives at Vonage are said to be thrilled with the development and, at present, working with Apple to remove a few bug from their supposedly nifty little app.

    From Bloomberg News:

    Vonage Holdings Corp., the New Jersey Internet phone carrier, climbed as much as 36 percent in extended trading after it said Apple Inc. approved its mobile- phone application for the iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Vonage is testing the application and will give details on its release later, the Holmdel, New Jersey-based company said today in a statement. The company isn’t providing details on what the application does for “competitive reasons,” spokesman Michael Zema said in an e-mail. Sales of the application may help make up for the more than 100,000 customers Vonage has lost in the past year as subscribers opted for discounted digital-phone service from cable-television companies.
    Indeed, Apple has a lot of people wondering what's behind the reversal of yet another longstanding policy. AT&T, in fact, recently released a statement posturing their company as unwilling to help any other business that is developing VoIP apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

    Although the move is puzzling to some, the forthcoming app is a welcome development for Vonage customers. For now, however, there's no word on how long it will take for the app to actually make its way into the App Store. Vonage says they are currently beta testing the app with its availability to be announced at a later date.

    Kind of makes you wonder about Google Voice Mobile, doesn't it? After all, wasn't GVoice rejected because it "duplicated features"?

    Vonage must be a "special exception"... or something.
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