• Life's a Pitch for New iPhone App "I Am T-Pain"

    Image via Venture Beat

    Don't even get me started on which artists I think should use this cool new iPhone app. I'd love to name names, but the pesky threat of slander is just too difficult to bear. I'll leave it to Jay-Z to continue picking on the proponents of this emergent technology.

    After what was for a time an uncertain future, Auto-Tune, the popular software that alters the pitch of a performer’s voice, is coming to the iPhone.

    From The New York Times:

    An application called “I Am T-Pain,” after the rapper who most recently popularized the Auto-Tune software with a liberal use of it in his songs, transforms the iPhone into an auto-tune microphone. The application was developed as a joint collaboration between T-Pain, Antares Audio Technologies, the company that produces the software that creates the vocal effect, and Smule, a start-up that develops applications for the iPhone.
    Prior to its path to iPhone, Auto Tune has been on a tear in the music industry. Jamie Foxx used it for "Blame It On The Alcohol" and so did Kanye West for "Heartless." Some have called the effect a contemporary version of the Talkbox effect that emerged in old school r&b. And although a lot of people will probably have fun with the new app and enjoy it immensely, Auto Tune is not without its fair share of staunch critics. Jay-Z’s latest single, “D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune),” unleashes a tirade against the software, but even more so against the recording artists who heavily rely on its capabilities. This summer, Jay-Z's video for this particular song even depicted Auto-Tune boxes exploding in flames.

    Gee, how do you really feel, Jay-Z?

    A few famous rappers aside, Auto Tune is poised for further popularity. “This is our latest experiment,” said one of the co-founders at Smule. “There’s no shortage of celebrity apps in the App Store, but the feeling was that a lot of them didn’t capture the essence of the artist.”

    The application turns the iPhone into an Auto-Tune microphone, allowing users to sing alongside popular T-Pain tracks. “I Am T-Pain” comes bundled with five songs, including the radio hits “Bartender” and “Sprung.” Players will also have the option of buying more songs via the application to digitally harmonize along with. In addition, players can create and record songs using a “freestyle” Auto-Tune effect, which can be uploaded to the Web and sent to friends via e-mail, Facebook and MySpace.
    In case you're wondering, "I Am T-Pain" is a tremendous bargain relative to the Auto-Tune software itself. "I Am T-Pain" runs $2.99. Auto Tune is a whopping $399.

    Although I'm not a gambling man, I will still go out on a limb and wager that "I Am T-Pain" might quickly become one of the most popular music apps for the iPhone.

    Our deepest condolences to Jay-Z.
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