• Low-tech Accessories For High-tech Toys

    MMi Live @ MacWorld

    Macworld Expo is known for showcasing the latest and greatest Mac gear every year. While walking the floor of the show I came across a couple of decidedly low-tech iPhone and iPad accessories. Both are very simple in design, but donít let that fool you. They are both great pieces of gear in there own right.

    Glif ($20) is an iPhone 4 kickstand with a difference, itís also a tripod mount. With the Glif you can set up an iPhone 4 on a tripod and get level photographs and videos every time. This is a great bit of gear to have if you want to be in the shot as well. Itís well-built and light weight so it fits in any pocket with ease. The only real drawback is the fact that it doesnít work with an iPhone in a case. Although the iPhone does fit quite snugly, Iím not sure Iíd want to do anything to extreme with it. You might want to hold off mounting one on the front of an SUV trying to shoot an indie car chase scene.

    The other low tech, highly useful item I saw today at Macworld is called the Pad Bracket ($19.95). Basically, itís a wall mount for an iPad or iPhone. The Pad Bracket mounts to just about any kind of wall and holds an iDevice quite securely. You might want to use that leveling app thatís been sitting on your iPhone, however, to ensure that itís mounted to the wall nice and level though. I can see this being quite useful all over the house.

    With so many high tech toys and accessories, sometimes itís the simple things that stand out the most. Neither of these devices have a battery pack or computer chip, but both make devices that do, a little bit easier to use. Both are not too hard on the wallet as well.
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