• Loopt - First iPhone App to get Background-Like Features (AT&T Goodness Inside!)

    Yep, you heard that right! Loopt, the service that brings <s>e-stalking</s> social networking and locational services together will soon be getting a great new feature! This will make it function like it's running in the background. It's not exactly background, as Apple never allowed that on the iPhone due to battery issues and other concerns, but it will still be collecting your location info even when it's not running thanks to some special network magic with AT&T. This definitely does give the app an edge over Google Latitude on the iPhone...

    Actually, the company struck a deal with AT&T - bet Apple won't like this much, although they really can't do much :/- which allowed them to do this. Basically, the tech behind it is that the app will stay connected to the server even after you quit it and hence, lots of bandwidth sucking from AT&T. Remember, where there is AT&T involved, there's money involved.. You'll be charged an extra $3.99 monthly for this service, directly added to your phone bill.

    Initially, this service will be available to just 5,000 of the millions of iPhone users on AT&T. The only good part is that you will be given 14 days trial period to use the service for free, which is good enough for trying it out. If you've been waiting for something like this since you got the iPhone, you can try being one of lucky 5,000 by signing up here. Hopefully, Apple and AT&T will be extending this service to more good apps, and hopefully without extending the costs much.

    Loopt via MacRumors
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